When I was languishing in debt I felt hopelessly alone.  I thought of all those people who had shared the good times with me and I just couldn’t face the thought of them knowing that I’d been living a lie.  I felt ashamed, and I couldn’t look any of them in the eye.

And yet I’m fully aware that there are so many people who have been in the same proverbial boat.  Debt is a huge societal problem.  With credit so readily available, and with a culture not so many years ago in which citizens were actively encouraged by lenders to take on credit commitments which they were always going to struggle to deal with, there really ought to be no shame involved in facing up to the truth.  When a problem can be shared and talked about you are already half way towards resolving it.

It is with this in mind that I have set up my blog, as a platform not only for me but also for others to share their experiences and anecdotes of how they managed to get into debt, and how, hopefully, they are managing to emerge from it into a better, debt-free, stress-free existence.

If you would like to write for my blog about your own experiences with debt, just send your own short article to me by e-mail.  Before you do so, please read the below:

Why Should You Write for My Blog and What Should You Say?

I’m looking for articles in the region of 650-800 words, published either under the writer’s byline or anonymously, according to preference.  Authors who wish to be identified should supply a short personal bio and also ideally a photo in at least reasonably high definition.  As far as subject matter goes, well obviously it needs to be about debt.  Personal experiences, thoughts about possible solutions and anecdotes are what I am looking for.

With over 12,500 regular visitors I am offering an opportunity for writers to include their link and generate visits for their own sites, as well as valuable publicity.  Beside my insistence upon tidying up any grammatical shortcomings and correcting spelling or punctuation errors I am quite relaxed about the nature of the content, just so long as it is broadly relevant.

Subject Matter – Some Suggestions

My work is about preventing people from getting further into debt, and lifting people out of it.  Any tips or advice which help in that endeavour would be most welcome as a contribution to my blog.

Bad debt need not be for life.  With help and self-discipline it is possible to be debt-free one again.  Some angles worth taking might include:

  • Avoiding credit pitfalls
  • How to know when you are living beyond your means
  • Getting into trouble – the warning signs
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Rescheduling payments
  • Raising extra money to pay off debt more quickly
  • Making savings on existing outgoings
  • Exploring additional incomes