Ways to be Smart and Save Yourself a Fortune

Author: Brian Weaver

Many feel that we are living in shaky times when analyzing the economy these days. High living costs are forcing many households to be cautious in spending money in an effort to keep within their monthly budgets. Here are a few top tips on how to be wise in your everyday life when it comes to managing your money.

  1. Opt for growing you own: if you are health conscious and you purchase a lot of veg and fruit, have a go at starting your own garden. While it can be a commitment there are many ways to include a garden that is realistically manageable. Do a search online and you will be amazed at the plethora of ideas that are out there.  
  2. Cooking saves you money: the cost of eating out compared to healthy food cooked at home is incomparable. You know what goes into your food and you can be sure that what you are eating is wholesome. There are many ideas online on how you can prepare a week of meals in advance so as when you are busy, you can minimize the time you spend in the kitchen throughout the working week.
  3. Live simply: be smart and cut back on things that are less important like buying expensive magazines or buy your clothes from cheaper shops than buying designer labels all the time.
  4. Save a little regularly: so, if you stop buying lattes every day and instead save that money, you will be surprised how it can add up. It turns out that more than 25% of Americans have no emergency savings! Saving a little every week can start you on the road to creating a good habit for life.  
  5. Impulse buying: do you often buy something and after some time, you look around your home and ask, ‘what did I buy that for?’ When you browse, ask yourself all the time, ‘do I really need that?’ Credit card debt: did you know that shopping around for credit card deals can save you a ton of money? If you are trying to clear a debt and you are employed, try switching to a credit card with attractive terms like interest free for the first year etc. Take note, credit cards can be a killer because of high interest.
  6. Recycle:  do a search on Google for recycling ideas and you will be amazed at how creative some people are when it comes to reusing worn out clothing and the like.
  7. Cosmetics/skin care products: many are turning to the idea of making their own skincare products because they know what the ingredients are compared to what are in the shop bought skin care product ranges. Countless tutorials are available online.


Many have commented on how they have saved a fortune on online blogs and tutorials. Look at where you spend money the most and see websites such as the Smokea store where you can save a fortune!