Being in serious debt can be one of the most devastating, debilitating things that can ever befall a person.  When one just owes so much, to so many people, that there seems to be no way of ever escaping the situation, no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, the sense of sheer hopelessness that that engenders can be difficult to overstate.  When it appears that no amount of work done, no sum of money earned, looks to be enough to deliver even the faintest glimmer of hope, then one can be forgiven for asking – what is the point?

My name is Brian Weaver, a quite ordinary fellow from Edmonton in Canada, and the scenario that I have just depicted was mine not many years ago.  Looking in from the outside you could have been forgiven for thinking that I had not a care in the world.  I drove fast cars, lived in a big apartment and enjoyed the most extravagant holidays.  I was into fine food and finer wine.  In the bar I was always the guy who bought the extra round.  I had lots of friends then, as you might imagine.

Don’t Let Personal Debt Become a Dirty Secret

I also had a terrible secret.  The money that was passing through my hands like water was not my own, and one day, I knew deep down, those whose money it actually was would want it back.

It took the death of my father to shake me from my madness.  For years I had managed to avoid looking at my bank and credit card statements for fear of what I might see, but I couldn’t hide from the fact that I could not afford the cost of my father’s funeral.  Of course, I tried to borrow it.  But this time the bank said no, and I was flummoxed.  Pole-axed.  What on earth was I going to do?

Time to Face the Truth

Awakenings don’t come much ruder than that.  I had to admit to everybody that this flash, brash individual, this playboy, didn’t actually have the money to fulfil the most basic duty to a father he loved, and to whom he owed so much.  What was harder still was admitting it to myself.  I was broke, and heavily in debt.

Deeply ashamed, I bit the bullet and reached out to my family and friends for help.  Some of them were surprised, but they were helpful and between them they gave me the support and the assistance I needed to finally turn the tanker around and to take my first tentative step on the long but eventually gratifying journey to financial freedom and independence.  By renegotiating payments, cutting down of spending, selling unwanted items and making a few simple economies I somehow managed, slowly but surely, to edge myself away from the abyss.

There is a Way Out

Today I am a blogger, a motivational speaker and a man with his own successful business.  No longer am I in any debt, and to cap it all I make some additional money by selling advertising space and promoting products.

Now I want to share all this with others who may have found themselves in a similar predicament to my own.  Becoming debt free is not easy, but sometimes it can be a whole lot easier than facing up to the truth of one’s own situation.  Read my blog and find out how you too can escape from the misery of spiralling debt.