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Can bad debt prevent you from getting the job of your dreams?

Author: Brian Weaver
Many people worry about how they are perceived when they have incurred bad debt. It is an unfortunate circumstance if bad debt has been caused by circumstances where sickness, family changes or severed income has been experienced. So, what does one do when trying to get out of bad

How to prepare for a credit crunch

Author: Brian Weaver
It’s been huge in the news and the papers: the economy is set for yet, another, credit crunch. It seems that almost no-one will escape completely unaffected in terms of their finances, but for those with outstanding debt (be it a mortgage or unpaid credit cards) the damage could

How a ‘rate rise’ could affect your debt

Author: Brian Weaver
A change in rate could be a very large challenge for many people. These would include those with an unsecured mortgage debt or those with large, private tuition feeds. However, a change in rate could also be beneficial to those who hold workplace pensions. Here is a handy breakdown

How to avoid debt sneaking up on you

Author: Brian Weaver
There are two main ways in which people fall into debt in which they struggle to pay off. The most obvious way is by taking out large loans, perhaps for tuition fees or for a mortgage. However, many people often overlook the smaller, more frequent ways in which they

The current status of household debt in the UK

Author: Brian Weaver
The UK is in debt – there is no way of avoiding it. Not only is the country itself in the red but more and more citizens are finding themselves in debt they are unable to clear. It was recently reported that the population of the UK is in