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How to prepare for a credit crunch

Author: Brian Weaver
It’s been huge in the news and the papers: the economy is set for yet, another, credit crunch. It seems that almost no-one will escape completely unaffected in terms of their finances, but for those with outstanding debt (be it a mortgage or unpaid credit cards) the damage could

How a ‘rate rise’ could affect your debt

Author: Brian Weaver
A change in rate could be a very large challenge for many people. These would include those with an unsecured mortgage debt or those with large, private tuition feeds. However, a change in rate could also be beneficial to those who hold workplace pensions. Here is a handy breakdown

Living with debt? You’re not alone.

Author: Brian Weaver
Over 5,000,000 UK residents are currently said to be struggling with debt issues. Being in debt can lead to all sorts of issues that are not necessarily obviously related to personal finances. It can lead to extreme stress and anxiety, a person may withdraw from society completely. In some

The dangers of UK’s growing debt

Author: Brian Weaver
The increase in interest rates paired with the rise of inflation are serious threats to public finances. This is due to the fact that the national debt is exposed to price fluctuations and the Office of Budget Responsibility has issued severe warnings. The UK has £1.7 trillion in national

How shifting debt around can help to save you money

Author: Brian Weaver
If you are one of the many millions of people that have accumulated debt over the course of your life, then paying it off is unfortunately unavoidable. You will not only be covering the initial amount borrowed – but also the interest that builds up on the amount from