First Device AS

Exhibition in norway - Skoleforum

We are showcasing our new products at Skoleforum exhibition 21.- 22. April at NorMedias stand B02-36. Their webpage.

Visit the exhibition by Led ticker For a free invition and entrance pass, either contact us or NorMedia.

New ideas

We get too many new ideas for products, and so little time. We relationship advice for women are now trying to focus on getting our current products finished before taking on new tasks. Our manufacturer was hoping to be finished by week 18. All distributors will get a message as soon as we have this confirmed!

BETT 2008

We are not exhibiting this year, but contact us if you want a personal demonstration of the products. Either send e-mail ( or call (+47 900 67 219).

Offical productnames released

Our switch access products are now a series called UNI. The first two products to be released shortly are UNI.Switch and UNI.Wireless2.

ID Dagarna 2007

We showcased our products at ID dagarna in Stockholm. It was a success!

Bett 2007

Visit us at stand SN16. We will demonstrate prototypes of forthcoming products.

Read more about BETT 2007 on


To develop new groundbreaking technical solutions to help integrating people in todays technical demanding world.
To simplify control over computers or other technical platforms for sell house fast scotland.

Todays ICT world has a higher demand where more and more people are left behind.
First Device has a goal to make the technical gap amongst people smaller.

Our first range of products are for people that are in need of alternative control over computers.
They will be launched in 2007.


Please visit our contact page if you would like to sell our products in your country.