2018 Projections Will Reflect Tremendous Franchise Opportunities

Author: Brian Weaver

By most indications, the economy is moving in a positive direction in 2018, and it is expected to stay on this course throughout the year. The number of new business openings should continue to be on the rise, and the franchise industry is expected to follow this trend.



The Growth Of The Franchise Industry

A study undertaken earlier this year by the International Franchise Association projects that the number of new franchise openings will increase this year by just under 2% at an approximated 1.9%. The number of franchise opportunities is up, and the potential for new franchisees is optimistic for 2018. In fact, further findings of the franchise industry study go on to project an increase in overall business output to likely reach 6.2 percent, amounting to an estimated $757 billion. The franchise industry growth will prove to be an interesting sector of business to watch throughout the year.


Current franchise owners have already experienced some of the many benefits of the franchise opportunity. They can attest to the franchise industry growth as we have witnessed it in the preceding years of 2018 and now as an exploding industry in the upcoming one. Many of the benefits that are said to go hand in hand with franchise ownership are reason enough to consider owning a franchise. Franchisees will find it is an opportune year to perhaps open a second or third location. First-time franchisees can take advantage of a lot of the perks of a franchise, including obtaining financing for their new business.


The Benefits Of Buying A Franchise Business Opportunity

By starting out in business as a franchisee, many of the unknowns of business ownership can be eliminated. For instance, new business owners that are starting out on their own are advised to make a business plan ahead of time. The business plan of a successful franchise has already been well developed and proven to work. Additionally, most of the corporate franchise companies can assist the new business owner with their financing requirements, as they already have those financial relationships established and in place. The franchise opportunities have an established brand name and one that your customers can relate to. The brand recognition and the value of its customer loyalty to the brand is by far a tremendous and priceless benefit that cannot even be measured. It is easy to understand the explosive growth that the franchise industry is experiencing.


Ease Of Ownership With A Franchise Opportunity

The marketing strategy for the brand is all fully in place for the new franchisee. The customers know exactly what to expect when they enter your store in terms of consistency and product quality. Your customer base has already been established for you and that will no doubt equate to a greater sales volume early on, and a steady source of repeat business. The presence of structured training programs in the franchise industry is another tremendous plus to franchise ownership. The growth and popularity of franchise ownership has come of age.